About Us

Established in 2017, Evolution Performance has quickly become one of the leading on-site fitness companies in Northeast Ohio. It is our goal to make fitness readily accessible to everyone, while providing the highest quality programming for our clients.

Here at Evolution Performance, it is our mission to provide safe and effective programming that is goal oriented and promotes life-changing results. Through education, innovative training techniques, and proper nutrition, our clients will be able to achieve all of their health and fitness goals. If you have a vision of where you want YOUR health and fitness to go, be assured that with patience and commitment, Evolution Performance can take you there.


Why Us?

  • On-Site (Home, Work, Club, Park, Etc.)
  • Complimentary Fitness Consultation
  • Professional / Knowledgeable Staff
  • Flexibility / Mobility / Injury Prevention
  • Strength / Power / Core Development
  • Nutrition Guidance / Metabolic Conditioning

Key Training Components

1Warm-Up. A proper warm-up is crucial to decrease the likelihood of injury, and prepares the body for the activity ahead. Every session begins with some form of soft tissue release such as foam rolling or trigger point release. This is a dynamic, highly effective technique that has an immediate and powerful effect on muscle and connective tissue. Following soft tissue release, we shift our focus to joint mobility and more specific dynamic movements to further increase blood flow to the working muscle.

2. SAQ Drills. Speed, agility, and quicknessare some of the most significant and visible components of athletic success. All athletes, whether training for strength, endurance or a combination of both, can benefit from improved balance, quicker feet, and a faster reaction time. Through SAQ drills, we focus on running mechanics, movement efficiency, and coordination, to further enhance muscular strength, endurance and motor skills.  SAQ training is a vital tool used in all our programs to prevent injury and increase overall athletic performance and success.

3. Strength and Power Development. The ability to generate relatively high forces against large resistances (strength) and the ability to produce a high work rate (power) is an integral part of sport performance. The goal ofstrength and power development is to achieve the greatest gains in performance for any given workload. An athlete’s ability to display a high level of explosive power is believed to be one of the most important factors for determining athletic success. By focusing on Type II muscle fiber recruitment, strength development and power output is likely to improve overall athletic performance, which is beneficial in sports requiring explosive movement patterns such as sprinting, change of direction, and jumping.

4. Metabolic Conditioning. Metabolic Conditioning is sport specific, high intensity exercise consisting of short but intense bouts of activity, followed by short intervals of recovery. These challenging high intensity workouts include total body compound movements and short rest intervals to ensure the athlete is spending the majority of time using the anaerobic system. It is during an anaerobic workout that we condition the body, burn more calories and train to endure high intensity exercise.

5. Recovery. Proper recovery is important because it helps reduce the buildup of lactic acid released in the muscles as a result of strenuous exercise. A combination of foam rolling and stretching is beneficial to help reduce soreness and improve issue recovery, increase range of motion, and decrease the overall effects of the stress placed on the body.

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