Adult Performance

Adult performance sessions focus on improving core strength, overall body composition, strength, coordination and mobility. These sessions are available in 60-minute segments, on a private, semi-private or group basis, and must be scheduled in advance. Both private and semi-private packages include individualized strength and nutrition programming to follow when not working directly with a coach.

Private Sessions

Private sessions allow for personalized coaching in a one-on-one setting. These sessions are designed to concentrate on individual strengths and weaknesses, achieving them in a safe and effective manner. Training segments include a dynamic warm-up with a core and mobility focus, strength and power development and metabolic conditioning.


Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-private sessions allow for personalized instruction at a reduced, more affordable rate, while also offering the accountability and competition amongst fellow adults.  These sessions follow a similar format as the private-sessions to improve overall body composition. Training segments are limited to 4 adults and all adults are required to train together. A 25% discount is given on packages of 12 or more sessions.

Group Classes

Group classes are for individuals looking for community and accountability. These classes include strength, cardio, core, and mobility components and are designed for 5 or more participants.

Why Us?

  • Knowledgeable / Professional
  • Performance Consultation
  • Mobility / Flexibility Training
  • Injury Prevention
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Speed / Agility / Quickness Drills
  • Sport Nutrition / Meal Plans
  • Strength / Power Development