“You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet”

Paying attention to nutrient intake enhances athletic performance and adequate recovery from training.

Most athletes recognize that their success is dependent upon not only their training, but also the quality and quantity of a balanced, healthy, nutrient dense diet, as well as fluids, supplements and nutrient timing. Without proper nutrition, the body will not have sufficient fuel to support regular training, peak performance and recovery.

Performance nutrition centers on a precise combination of fueling and hydration. Through the integration of proper food selection, portion control, nutrient timing and hydration, it is possible to transform body composition, increase energy levels, and improve overall performance to achieveyour goals.

At Evolution Performance, we will help educate you on the use of macronutrients and supplements to complement your specific needs and help you achieve your goals.  We recognize that there isn’t one nutrition strategy that works for everyone, so we develop specific strategies to meet your needs.  This involves a one-on-one nutritional consultation where we discuss your current eating habits and gather pertinent information including your age, height, weight, physical activity level and goals, to provide personalized meal plans and recommendations that can fit your lifestyle and help you achieve maximum health and performance.

Our nutrition programs are included as part of an integrated training program, but are also available as an individualized, stand-alone service.


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